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Bakersfield Car vs. Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When a car accident involves a bicycle, the results may be catastrophic. Most often, it is the rider of the bicycle who will sustain the greatest injury, although both bicycle rider and the driver of the car may be at risk. If you or someone you love was recently involved in a car versus bicycle accident in the Bakersfield area, please contact an attorney at our offices as soon as possible. With our experience in personal injury law and our dedication to helping accident victims recover the financial compensation they need to rebuild and move on, our firm can offer you the level of legal counsel you deserve.

To schedule a complimentary case evaluation with a Bakersfield car accident attorney at our offices, feel free to call us toll-free at 800-358-9617 or contact us online.

Why Car versus Bicycle Accidents Occur

Driver distraction, speeding and drunk driving are the primary contributing factors to all types of traffic accidents. In bicycle accidents in particular, the driver of a car may simply not be aware of a bicyclist's presence on the road until it is too late. Most drivers focus mainly on other vehicles when changing lanes, making turns or merging into traffic and may not even notice a bicycle rider - turning directly into the bicyclist's path or otherwise colliding with the rider.

Additional potential causes of car versus bicycle accidents may include poorly designed roads, faulty traffic lights, poor road maintenance, a defective product, or negligence on the part of a bicycle rider. At Pacific Attorney Group, we handle all types of bicycle and car accident claims throughout the Bakersfield area, whether you may be the driver of the car or the bicycle rider and regardless of the circumstances of your accident. To learn more about your car versus bicycle accident claim and how our legal team may be able to assist you, contact a Bakersfield car accident lawyer today!