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Side Collisions in Bakersfield, California

Car Accident Attorney

Were you injured in a side collision? This type of car accident occurs when two vehicles are involved in a collision between the sides of both vehicles or the side of one vehicle and the front or rear end of the other vehicle. A side-impact collision may occur in an intersection, if a vehicle proceeds through and runs into the side of another vehicle. Another potential cause of a side collision is a driver who changes lanes into the side of another vehicle. Talking to a Bakersfield car accident lawyer is important if you or someone you know has been injured in this type of accident.

Legal Recourse after Bakersfield Side-Impact Collisions

Although you may be a safe driver with a flawless record, and although you may have been entirely sober and were driving cautiously, you may still be the victim of a side-impact collision because of another driver's negligence or carelessness. In these situations, we believe it is important that you have the right to hold the responsible driver accountable for his or her actions. By talking to a car accident lawyer at our firm, you can learn more about your legal rights. We can explain our services and also offer you information about what we can do to investigate your side collision in order determine, and then prove, what exactly caused the accident to occur. At times, this may not be entirely clear. It may take a careful investigation and possibly accident reconstruction to prove that the other driver was at fault.

Establishing fault in a side-impact car accident is important. This is how you will be able to recover financial compensation for your injuries, which may be extensive depending on the force of impact and various other factors. If your attorney can effectively prove that the driver who sideswiped you or collided with the side of your vehicle was at fault, their insurance policy will likely cover your damages: medical bills, lost wages, and possibly more.

Let us work to maximize the potential financial compensation you receive in the wake of a side collision in Bakersfield. Contact a car accident attorney at our offices today.